Check out 609 Credit repair where we have credit repair letters that work and help you dispute items on your credit report!


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A lot of the questions you have can all be answered in this frequently asked questions area, so be sure to give it a read first.

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19 Responses

  1. Courtney Hollingsworth says:

    Your YouTube page helps me out soooo MUCHHHH! Thank you for providing VALUE! IM SENDING all of my friends to you ..the ones that need your help!! I hope you hit a MILLIE subscribers sooonn!! Thanks Brandon

  2. Manifesting Wealth says:

    Yes, Hppa video please!

  3. Rueben Shaw says:

    If you request validation of the debt by email, gives the debt collector, the right to get you medical information to validate a debt?

  4. Hemi 4x4 sport says:

    Hi Brandon I have a question
    I send a validation letter to ERC
    But I notice they have more than one address what should I do send another letter??

  5. Stylezbyque says:

    Hey Brandon I've sent you a email regarding the package I've purchased. I'm excited to use it !!

  6. ROLL-TIDE 504 says:

    Brandon I need my credit fixed

  7. Reaching The Masses Media Ministry says:

    Hi Brandon, I have a question how does one get student loan forgiveness.My granddaughter is paying on a student loan but the school that she went to, still won’t release her transcripts even though she is paying them every two weeks. Is there anything she can do to get out of this? Colleges won’t accept her without a transcript from her former college. Thank you for any help that you can offer.

  8. The Crypto Lady says:

    Please make video on Hippa and medical info violations

  9. E Santiago says:

    Good afternoon Brandon my name is Eric. I'm trying to purchase a house at the end of the year my credit right now so 600. I would like to know more information about you. Based on how do your company could take care of my credit fixing it. Please let me know

  10. Lisa Birton says:


  11. Mike Scales says:

    Brandon , I just signed up to awesome life group today!

  12. Willie Thomas says:

    Hi Brandon,
    I purchased your 609 Credit repair and have had great success, thanks! I've sent sent a certified letter to Great Lakes student loans asking for the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form for which its been over a month and they've failed to respond. I recently sent a follow up letter. What do i do next for next steps? Thanks as always!

  13. TresChic Kouture says:

    Hi Brandon, I have a quick question for you. Today I received a letter stating "removing your name from pre-approved credit offer mailing lists" so does this mean they have received my 1st Round of letters and I should be getting updates soon? I mailed my letters the 1st week of June using your 609 credit repair package.

  14. ANDREASHAVON says:

    Are we able to contact you with specific complicated questions

  15. Kay Wilkerson says:

    Yes, watching you at work

  16. Shawn Scott says:

    What was that rent website? Rentrow.com?

  17. Brandy Jenkins- League says:

    I love the energy of your videos they are amazing and gives excitement

  18. melissa pitre says:

    Brandon do I dispute student loans that are in good standing to reduce the debt on my credit?

  19. Ngalula Dodier says:


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