$20k Credit Card Limit With Navy Federal Credit Union With Bad Credit How I Did It

Getting a high credit card limit is very hard to get with bad credit but with Navy Federal Credit Union its very possible. A $20k credit card limit with Navy Federal is possible because I did it. Navy Federal is very forgiving and help people with challenging credit so if they help you don’t blow it.

You have to have a goal to get a high credit limit with Navy Federal so you have to work at it and build a good relationship with them so they can trust you. Building a relationship is what I did and was able to get $20k credit card limit from Navy Federal Credit Union no problem but this was about 9 months of work. This not over night you have to pay on time all the time and leave a 0 balance on the secured credit card and if you get secured loan to build the relationship just pay it on time.

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12 Responses

  1. Chris G says:

    Please explain how you are liquifying your cards and what you are doing to paid thr money back before late fees ?

  2. Jessica Beck says:

    Do you have to be affiliated with the military to get a Navy federal credit card?

  3. Carltz15 says:

    I have 3 credit cards from NFCU and a loc from them. Amex more cards, cash rewards and platinum. I love NFCU. I have checking and roth IRA from them as well. Try PENFED CU too. They are more conservative though but they are one of the best credit unions out there. They give high SL for the credits as well. I have checking account from there too.

  4. Myles Watkins says:

    Intro was too long G

  5. Maggie Hubbard says:

    My MIL was a vet and she is now passed and I don’t remember her information so I can’t get signed up with Navy neither can my husband I wished we could get a navy federal account

  6. Ramsese Howden Jr. says:

    I'm in the military and I'm starting off with a $400 loan easy to pay off $71 a check is tht a smart move?

  7. Big Jay Let’s Talk says:

    Credit score at 600 I’m getting there but they gave me a GO REWARDS CARD at 4300 after 3 months

  8. Dion Johnson says:

    I got an auto loan from Navy Federal.But I put it on Turo…Not a liability that way.It’s a cash flow.Navy Federal also gave me a 25,000 credit card.Used that to buy a lot and a RV camper.Turned it into a Airbnb property.Cash flow…Never uses my cash.Only the banks

  9. Shavaughn Riggins says:

    If you want someone to clean your credit I got you

  10. 33naughty says:

    Good evening, how are you? I got a question. I had an account with a Credit Union and apparently in 2018. I am active duty Soldier. I moved and I forgot to pay them so they charged off my account for $485. The charged off account just show up to my credit file. I called the bank but according to the representative I do owe them $485 and the account was transferred to an outside collection agency since 2019. The collection agency has not report anything to my credit file. The charged off is still being reported by the bank which is the original creditor. I offered to pay them the money but I was told that I need to contact the collection agency since they have my account now. I sent the bank a cashier check and request for them to delete the charged off account off my credit files but the bank sent me back the check and declined. I got a new cashier check and add both the bank and the collection agency name to it and send it to the collection agency now and asked them to have the charged off deleted off my credit files. I am waiting on their decision to see if they will except and delete the account for me since I am paying them the full balance. My question what if the collection does not except to delete the charged off account what can or should I do next? Should I dispute this account with the CFPB next because this charged off is destroying my credit because the original creditor is still reporting it as missed payment after 2 years?

  11. Debra Wilson says:

    I’m a nurse and got help with my score on experian. You too can. His num is 4 6 9 9 8 8 5 0 8 2”””””

  12. mona thompson says:

    Hello,you convinced me to apply for this card I did a pre-qualification & said I could get any card So I applied with a 694 score was Approved for $5,200 I was shocked been with them only 3 days thank u & that's the Highest card I have I'm more than Happy I just wanted to get in & get any card. Satisfied customer always I these products check/savings,CC,certificate 4 products thank u

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