*2021 hacks* HOW TO REMOVE COLLECTIONS FROM YOUR CREDIT REPORT IN 24HRS* credit secrets part #2

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24hr collection removal: part #2


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27 Responses

  1. jrcrespo76 says:

    Your videos are very great and straight to the point. Just subscribed. Could you please send the Letters to me as well. Greatly appreciate it. Email is allentjoshua@hotmail.com Thank you

  2. Tanya Hardaway says:

    How do you get Experian to cooperate with removing the addresses from your personal information?

  3. W&S TR says:

    Shawn you are top of the masters! Thanks

  4. Joe Wells says:

    Hi if your three items don’t match gettem all to match correct?

  5. Tholms1981 says:

    DM sent. Thank in advance.

  6. alexis swinson says:

    I don't have any social media accounts. Is there a way you can email the letters to me?

  7. Ashley Williams says:

    Like I said subscribed and here for it !!!!! Just sent dm via instagram awaiting your response. You are very correct in saying it is time to STOP being lazy and get this done myself. Collections is what is hindering me getting back into my own place so yes its time. I am ready to be financially educated to gain the freedom i've longed for. Sending positive vibes and love your way for being such blessing. I too will be paying forward what I learn.

  8. jessica luna says:

    Can a collection agency also report late payments?

  9. paul smith says:

    Just sent u message on Instagram. Thanks

  10. Paula Dishmon says:

    Thanks so much for the letters! Will be getting things together and hopefully will get my reports cleaned up! Don't think a lot of people realize how it can affect getting a job.

  11. Tanya Hardaway says:

    Thank you for responding to the DM message. I'm still waiting on the letters.

  12. Valentina Hernandez says:

    What if i dont have an istagram how can i get 4 letters..

  13. Dallas Libra says:

    I literally paid a repair company $150 a month for 2 years and my score didn't even go up much..ugh! So i decided to start doing my own repair. I appreciate the info! This really helps alot!

  14. Timothy Ryan says:

    Hi, CEO Shawn I DM you and send you an email that has a follow-up to get those 4 remove letters. Your last two videos are just WOW, mind-blowing, and very helpful, and now I am a big fan looking forward to receiving these letters. Thank YOU

  15. Nathalie Mancebo says:

    Don’t have IG.can you email?

  16. Naturally.Ny says:

    How do we call Experian etc? Can’t speak to an actual customer service rep

  17. Lynette Thibodeaux says:

    Okay so I looked for the link in to the letters in your bio on Instagram and all I got was a link to another YouTube video. I’m ready to get this done. I want all my ducks in a row before I move foreword.

  18. Mike Davis says:

    Thx for the game big bro!

  19. TugaGoStr8Duff3Y says:

    Appreciate the advise big homie I was just bout to hire a credit repair

  20. James Farris says:

    Lexington Law has been hitting me.

  21. YUNGBLAKE23 says:

    Just sent you a DM on IG so I can get those letters bro! Waiting on a response

  22. Life With KerreaR says:

    Have anyone received the letters he emailed ? I text him no response

  23. Epique Desizigns says:

    Do you have a email address so I can get letters

  24. Phase One Live says:

    Great information ! Have you heard of mwr financial edge to offer your viewer who don't want to do it ,,,,

  25. Shelby Thompson says:

    Does it work for bankruptcy

  26. EmSolid says:

    Appreciate the info and letters bro…looking forward to more info from you soon

  27. Lisa Jean YOUNG says:

    1000 people in one year! You are my saving Grace! I cannot tell you how this will change my life. I can finally visit my ONLY son at his Army base location. GOD WILL BLESS YOU MANY TIMES.
    Sending Request on Instagram!

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