[2021/08/15 VOD] Splitgate, Crossword, & Dead By Daylight w/Dakotaz, DumbDog, & Br00d

Steven Suptic Full Twitch Stream VOD From August 15, 2021
Stream Title: World’s tiniest man conveys feelings of animosity towards chat
00:00 – Intro
3:30 – Geoguessr
17:30 – SplitGate
42:20 – Crossword
1:29:30 – DBD Pregame
1:41:45 – Dead By Daylight
3:18:50 – Crossword con’t

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3 Responses

  1. Scott Morgan says:

    @2:49:40 is one of the best segments I’ve ever seen in a DBD game I love it!!

  2. ¿ says:

    Splitgate!? this is the first time I was playing a game before streamers were playing it lmaoo

  3. Big Terry says:

    Could you create playlists to sort the vods into months, please?

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