2018 Deadlier for School Kids Than for Entire US Military

–During 2018, more public school students have died in shootings than the total number of American military deaths

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Broadcast on May 21, 2018


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37 Responses

  1. Dave B says:

    Just mental health issue? Well can we at least do something about mental health? Oh no we can we took all the money and gave it to the 1% and will keep doing that until we change the trump tax cuts.

  2. Mububban23 says:

    Lots of right wingers post things saying that all these school shooting numbers are fake, or exaggerated. So what data are they pulling THEIR numbers from?
    Say it's 50 school shootings, they will say "no way, it's only maybe 15." How do pro-gun people define a "school shooting" compared to the official definition? Is it numbers of deaths? Do they only count it if it's 5+?
    I would think that anybody getting shot within a school is a school shooting….

  3. firefox5926 says:

    i like guns .. i would like to shoot guns… but the usa is f*king mental

  4. hifijohn says:

    When the columbine massacre happened I said this is the shape of things to come, this is our future america get use to it.

  5. Dave L says:

    I think the headline was very deceptive and this is not good journalism. Didn't you recommend that people read How to Lie With Statistics before, David? Have you read it? If so, why are you still doing the deceptive stuff he mentions in the book? I mean, at least you mentioned base rates, but then still went with useless claim about comparing the military deaths to public school student deaths anyway.

  6. CButtonshaw says:

    I got an idea to "fix " school shooting problem. give students the military armour! if the kids are wearing flax jackets and helmets the deaths will go down! where's my $$$$$

  7. Julian B says:

    What makes it even worse I think is that the government enforces mandatory attendance in schools but does nothing to keep the children safe so they can be punished for not going to school or killed if they do go to school. It's so messed up.

  8. Jopflah says:

    GARY TURBO. …..evidence? Of course you have none! As a racist you’re just making one of your typical racist statements not I unlike the ones you’ve been making since grade school. You and your sixth grade education and Jethro Diploma.

  9. Skippy Zc says:

    How is Kellogg going to rake in tax payer money from military food contacts if the military industrial complex can't convince people that they need to be afraid of brown people, especially Muslims, more than they need to demand practical gun control?

  10. Vegard Fjeldberg says:

    Those numbers doesn't say how dangerous it is to be a school kid. It doesn't include other causes of death. Maybe even more deaths is due to running with scissors, just for examples sake.

  11. Corey Frank says:

    New army recruiting slogan: "Join the Army! It's safer than school!"

  12. Danny Smith says:

    Kids and soldiers, both groups that the republicans don't give a fuck about.

  13. Patrick Schaefer says:

    Schools should be a million times safer than being active duty military, not just 40x

  14. Lu Guy says:

    288 school shootings since 2009 in America. Why? Clearly more dangerous to be in an American school. Disgusting.

  15. James says:

    Here it comes: "Kids should get military training"

  16. Curtis006 says:

    Of course it’s deadlier for school kids; the US military is armed! #goodguywithagun

  17. &one says:

    Thanks for mentioning the base rate. I got upset when Dan Savage said that shit on Bill Maher

  18. Penboy as 'god' says:

    The new school uniform starting in 2020: Flak jackets, helmets and [ Nike? ] combat sneakers [ Just do it! ]. The new parental duty for start of every school year: issuance of combat insurance for each child [ the teachers have their own combat-related insurance through their teachers' unions ].

  19. Dutchman 2 says:

    But a gun society is a save society, right?

  20. Alisha Fernandes says:

    Hey David, you think you can make this comparison again towards the end of the year to see if this discrepancy increases?

  21. Vegas 762556 says:

    The right strkes again

  22. Iamtop says:

    Yet we spend way way more money on the military than on education… AMERICA !!

  23. Get the Joke! says:

    Meh, those numbers will change drastically when the US invades Iran.

  24. John Bacon says:

    It is safer than it has been. Violence is at an all time low.

  25. John Bacon says:

    Your channel is trash

  26. gary smith says:

    Focusing solely on gun control undermines the problem of school shooting. Happy, healthy (mentally) kids have no reason to kill their peers. The government allocation for money spent on schools, education, extra curriculum activities, counselling has been cut drastically. Parents spend more time at work than ever. Kids end up raising themselves. What's to expect?

  27. Redoralive says:

    American kids should be getting campaign medals with their diplomas.

  28. Jacob Cleveland says:

    I solved my 5 year olds problem about getting shot at school. I signed him up for the army.

  29. Zucchinna says:

    this needs to be every democrats platform for elections,
    schools in America are %40 more dangerous than being in active combat in the US military

  30. Phillip Bopp says:

    Without reading all the comments, but another commentator mentioned this “statistic is flawed”. The reason why there are few Soldier deaths is because Soldiers overseas defending this great country have and know how to use those “assault or combat” rifles against someone shooting at them. Students do no have a weapon at their side at all times. I am not for teacher or students having weapons. But guess what armed security is needed. Example professional sport arenas, how many shoots are happening there… yeah I haven’t heard of anything.

    A show of force is a greatest deterrent.

  31. Northern Brother says:

    How many cops have been killed this year?

  32. Markstubation01 says:

    There should be zero deaths at school

  33. Core Bliss says:

    To be fair once your your 20 if people pick on you your likly to sue them then just take it.. like it your in prison aka what a modern high school is..

  34. Petitio Principii says:

    Soon all school will be military schools. That solves both the violence problem and the education/defense budget dichotomy.

  35. Core Bliss says:

    Banning handguns from 15-19 olds..

  36. Tarpon Enthusiast says:

    Yes David i have a "Gun Fetish" but god damn im sick of one crazy fucker who shoots up a school sparks up debates of taking away "Assault Rifles" AR stands for Armilite Rifle… anyways look i get the left is tired of school shootings so am I, but fuck it's annoying the whole one person fucked somthing up so everyone has to suffer its just tiresome….

  37. jason w says:

    Maybe we have to look at the gun situation in this country. Just maybe.

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