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Today we’re talking about 2 reasons to avoid online credit report disputes (online disputes) and what to do instead to permanently remove the negative accounts on a credit report. You can learn more at OR schedule a call for a credit sweep at


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One of the worst things that
you can do is dispute your negative items on your credit
report online. And I’m going to give you two different reasons
today, or right now, why you should not do this. All right.
So here’s the deal. We have two simple reasons for not disputing
online. Number one, there’s no paper trail. How can you prove
the date you disputed what was said when it was received, et
cetera, credit reporting agencies are obligated by law to
remove any information that can not be verified within 30 days.
Right? Obviously know that, okay, if you don’t have the
proof of the date, when you sent the dispute cannot use this law
in your favor. And with online disputes, there’s no paper
trail, and you can not receive an email confirmation or any
other notice of dispute request. Your dispute may get quote
unquote lost in the system, and you definitely don’t want that.
Right? And although the CRA’s try to follow through with the
online dispute, you can fall through the cracks and sometimes
creditors can refuse to verify the requested information, even
though they’re obligated to do so. Okay. If that happens, the
disputed info should be removed from your credit report. Number
two, the information isn’t handled the same way. This is
the most important part of this. Okay. The FCRA was developed to
protect the consumer from unfair credit reporting practices. And
when you dispute online, you’re basically letting them know that
you’re okay with being violated. All right. It was revised
include online disputes under section 611(a)8. In this
section, it says that the agency may disregard other paragraphs.
If the information is deleted within three days of the notice
of dispute, right? So these can be disregarded. So one of these
was actually changed. So I’m going to let you know which one,
the credit reporting agency doesn’t have to forward the
dispute. Other information to the creditor that has since been
changed. Okay. So now they do have to the credit reporting
agency, doesn’t have to send you written results from the
investigation of the dispute and the credit reporting agency.
Doesn’t have to show you the method of verification and
there’s a bunch of other stuff on here. Okay? So I do have more
information about that. We’ll go into part two at a different
time, but you need to know this information to remove negative
items correctly. And in addition, the type of this
deletion in the situation may be softer, temporary deletion,
which can then be reinserted when the credit reports the next
time. So anyways, my point behind this is do not dispute
online. All right. It may seem like a convenience of anything
where it seems like the bureau of they’re doing you. The favor is
always going to be in their, basically their favor, right?
So this is something that you just don’t want to do. You
don’t want to deal with online dispute, and you didn’t know
that you weren’t supposed to do with online disputes, or you
just don’t know how to get the best results and remove negative
items from your credit report. Then head over to my seven
forty.com schedule a call.

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