2 On Your Side: Social Security Overpayments

When Social Security discovers overpayments, it wants its money back — and fast. Kristine Lazar reports.


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  1. Josefina Zapien says:

    got a letter saying I got a over payment for my daughter and that she $11,500.00 from 2018 to June 2020 and the reason for change of income was because my husband move out because we got had to give our self a time apart to fix our problems I tell them I was going to only report my income because he was out now I got this letter of a over payment and that they did not know about that my husband was not home went I went to the office to tell them. I haven't received anything since July 2020 I called them in June to tell them he move in back that was reporting his income and that is went they stop my daughter benefits what can I do. I so overwhelmed and stressed out

  2. Marissa Lukezic says:

    When we get older and disabled we go through this hell.

  3. salt pepper says:

    Im told SS cannot chase over payments more than 2 years old due to statute of limitations. Does anyone know if thats true?

  4. salt pepper says:

    Now that TRUMP goons are running the SS expect more hellish moves. They already passed a rule that takes 1/3 of SSI disability away if someone helps you at all with living expenses.

  5. Mars p says:

    how we can protest to against them or cut this piece of shit program out? because they do nothing to help but trouble

  6. Lavaé Van de wall says:

    They never fixed the issue cause I'm going through that now and it's 2021

  7. Karen Reese says:

    Screw the goverment! The money belongs to her husband, which she now collects under him in Social Security.

    It is your money not the governments! White collar crime in the swamp in Washington.

    It is time to protest the Ponzi scam created by the goverment o. Stelling your money that is not theirs to begin with.

    Need New Blood in Washinton

  8. Dante James says:

    Social Security used the word validation as my appeal then cancelled the appeal. They refuse to cut ssi off, only so they can keep their embezzlement scheme going. Nevertheless, the only way I can combat their criminal activities is to refuse to do any recertifications or provide any documentation to them from me for the remainder of my life, Its been 4 years and counting. I couldn't find any attorneys to help me, so I'll do it myself. For the past 4 years I've been learning law 'Federal and civil procedures, not only that but other laws to be able to help myself get off of social security debt free.

  9. Linda Burchell says:

    This happened to me I was still working. It was $6000 and I had to pay it back but they deducted in rather large payments.

  10. erin peacexo says:

    Come on already. Everyone knows how much they get every month. Didn't anyone think to check on this? You know they'll come after you.

  11. Sarah Lane says:

    They make payment plans.

  12. Dante James says:

    1.2 billion in overpayment recovery, that's tax free and they keep every penny of it. Social Security Act is a fraud and is not law.

  13. A A says:

    you see some people come from other countries,, we're does there money go when they go back to their country if they don't forward it or if they are allowed to forward or withdraw funds

  14. A A says:

    other mistakes are entitlement we are entitled under certain conditions, remedy,, there are exceptions it's your money and you need it now,,,the problem is you can't trust no one,, scams, or any situation, it's unconstitutional,, but social security says the a religion following religious beliefs,,

  15. A A says:

    some mistake are to entrap you,, for your past and future benefits and income tax and check from work garnishment, then they hit you for a lawsuit or get irs to ceased everything you owe and they make money, interest, unconstitional, so the gain on realstate if increase, their loop hole is to file for interest, in real-estate is were they put those wakos terrorizing and controlling the areas and streets entrapment getting caught up defending your streets and lawsuits ,pyramid scheme

  16. A A says:

    look at the money that you work for years every year collected and the social security invest that money and the gain goes back to people using the benefits, people that have not work hardly at all ,then you have survivors, but you look at them they cut them short and keep the money if the decease does not have a wife or child under 21, most likely they keep the money,, it's a scam ponzi scheme and monopoly insurance scam, bank account scam monopoly scam artist 911 how many people died in the war alot of money must be in the accounts, they invested,, it does not double I would say 10 percent over and over of investing in a year of all the money total, I heard you can go to a federal appellate court under federal administrative attorney and file to get your money out and close account and get itin# 401k or something for retirement,, it cost like 2500-5000 ,from a experience trial attorney board certified specialize

  17. PutÖkien LeaEstÖÖ says:

    Who miss calculated
    Should be responsable and fired

  18. Laurie Alvaro says:

    I received a letter saying I owe 19885.50 it was an over payment I have an avcate his name is Todd Holloway Todd works at center for independence he is helping me with my problem Todd met me at the social security office and he got me a waiver and. an apeal Todd has helped many people with. this problem in fact he did his own investigation and he found. out that it was social security's mistake not mine I can't pay my rent i receive only 111.00 they said I was no longer disabled because I work so I told Todd about that he said that's is a lie I have a learning disability and I have seizures I've been in tears over this mess and I cannot pay my rent because of social securitys mistake and I am giving the bill to Todd he is handling this mess really well and I don't know what to do

  19. High Speaker says:

    I was an abused child physically and sexually. As an adult, I was ordered to pay back social security for benefits my mother received 10,000. I filed a waiver and after being told it was granted and denied and granted and being run around constantly I finally got a letter almost 3 years after my request for waiver was filled and was told it was denied. The thing is they don't tell you how they came to that conclusion or who makes it.

  20. ZODIAC says:

    i am also on ssi for mentall illness and years ago i had an inhertance of 2500 dollars social security told me any amount of money i get over 2 thousand dollars they keep so they took 500 dollars and they told me i have 2 weeks to spend the rest of the money and i have to bring them reciets proving i spent the money if i got 100 thousand i would only get to keep 2 thousand

  21. ZODIAC says:

    a freind fo mine has mentall illness and he was in jail for many years when he got out he noticed social security kept sending him checks to his bank while he was locked up for many years he had like 40 thousand dollars in his bank that social security accidently gave me he spent all the money real fast the social security found out adn they are deducting 75 dollars a month from his check every month untill all the money is paid back

  22. TShirtArtDesignQueen Leo says:

    this happen to my mother 3 times…she is 68 on social security…and they sent her a letter saying she owed 16,ooo dollars…for something that was not her mistake …it took them 2 and a half years after i sent all the paper work back…to prove everything…we got another let 2 years later…saying she has to come in now before they decided…they have harassed her nonstop…and also my sister got one of these and for the same amount and my mother in law who worked in florida as a school teacher.and became disabled at 62
    ..its rediculous…the mistakes they make and how they upset the people who are already retired…and shouldnt be bothered…someone needs to fix this problem…i personally went up with my mom and we took care of it three years ago and their still harassing her…and she will probably like my sister have to pay 16,000 back and she cant offord to live now..who is running this place..r they so bankrupt they have to rob people that are ederly .omg.wv

  23. Charles Murphy says:

    This is normal for the federal government. I’m on social security and I know exactly what my payment should be, I was informed this several times even before I started receiving benefits. If I receive more than I should I will keep it on deposit and not touch it because I know they will eventually find the error and ask for it back. It sometimes takes them awhile until they audit the accounts, maybe years.
    The government makes mistakes and it should be expected. They are entitled to it back if found. If your work overpays you they will want it back. If I find that I’ve been payed back too much by the store I just left I go back and return the money. This is not about ripping off the poor it’s about common sense. Don’t keep what’s not yours. What happened to common decency people?

  24. Jeffra Page says:

    Yep that's what Social Security is doing me they waited it so tell me that they overpaid me from all the way back in 2015 and I don't get a letter until 2018 first they take my social security check saying I no longer needed and now they want me to pay the overpayment 6,153.54 I don't have that kind of money I asked for a waiver it was denied so now I have to have some kind of meeting at their office to review my file which I have no clue what it is to review my file and in the letter it says the payment happen because my husband's name was on his mom and dad's bank account we never use their money but somehow they were using my mother-in-law's bank account and our bank account.

  25. E D says:

    You have to pay them back, it's money that doesn't belong to you. Or, they can just withhold your social security until the overpayment is rectified. It's only fair.

  26. thetvzone says:

    I thought KABC 7 had 7 On Your Side? But good work CBS 2…Pat & Jeff look good together.

  27. Nd S says:

    Sad always trying rob the poor good job 2onyourside

  28. ipressedabutton says:

    they dont have infinite money to go around, you SHOULD pay them back ASAP. unless you are unable to pay – then maybe they should cut you some slack

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