19 Steps to Credit Dispute Letter Success | How to Dispute a Credit Report

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Today we’re going over the 19 steps to success vs the 7 steps to failure and how to dispute a credit report. I show you how you should be disputing and what gets results vs what shouldn’t be used for a credit dispute letter. You can view this at


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We’re looking at 19 Steps to Success versus seven steps of failure and you want to make sure that you are in the 19 steps versus the seven because if you are disputing the unverified method of verification and failure to investigate failure to verify, then guess what you are on your way snowballing down to failure. And I don’t want that to happen to you. So I’m going to show you what you should be doing versus what you are probably doing right now. And we are starting with seven steps of failure. And I’m gonna go grab a pen right now. And we’re going to use what’s use blue. Make sure it works. Yes, here we go. Okay, so if you are using the dispute, reason, unverified, then guess what, you are headed towards failure. Now, let me pause right there and let you know that this video is not to tell you that you’re doing something wrong. It is to help you grow and increase your results by maximizing the way that you dispute okay? So don’t hate appreciate because I have 734 videos, I show you how to do this yourself for free. Okay, so here’s what you don’t want to do. You don’t want to start with unverified and guess what all of those courses and gurus and all that out there those videos that I see all over the place they tell you say unverified for all your negative items and you are not telling the Bureau’s why you are disputing what is the actual reason why you need this account to be removed or update. And if you are not telling them, then you are leaving everything in the hands of the Bureau’s and putting all your eggs in one basket and then you wonder why you’re not getting results. Okay? Instead of saying unverified, you can come over here and you can dispute the date last active you can dispute the date last paid the notice of dispute or failure to enter the notice of dispute pursuant to section 623. You can dispute the status update date or the failure to update the date last reported to the date that they verified quote, unquote, the negative item right, or you can dispute the payment history or charge off charter charter charge off and all that activity after the account was closed. Or you can go after the first delinquency or the comments, some of the payment, the higher balance, you can use the evolution line method to stay at the top of the hierarchy, you can use the dispute funnel to set up your disputes you can go after. And this is at the bottom of the funnel by the way, the type, the open date, the terms, and then you can go after balance, you can go to the status, we also have past due. And lastly and I’m going to go scroll down. So I just need to grab this right here we’re gonna scroll down in now we have CFPB AG, BBB and lastly, lawsuit. Now when you are disputing within 19 Steps to Success, and you have the proof that you’ve gone after them and gone after the inaccuracies in the violations. Now you can go and sue them now you can win a CFPB complaint in processing all of that because you are able to prove that you’ve exhausted your remedies. Now, how can you do that? If you were only stating that this account is unverified? Oh, what’s your method of verification? Oh, you failed to investigate? Oh, you failed to verify, oh, you failed to improve. And now when you go to the CFPB, they’re not going to pay attention to you because you didn’t exhaust your remedies. And you didn’t give any sort of anything to remove that account due to inaccuracy. Okay, so using the dispute reason on verified, is not going to get you where you need to be. So do not use this and instead tell them why it’s unverified, why it’s inaccurate, because remember metro to states, inaccurate accounts get removed, it doesn’t say unverified, it doesn’t say incomplete, it says ain’t accurate. That is all they care about. And that is the basis to factual based disputes. You were using the actual evidence on your credit report to remove the accounts. So why would you ever use any thing else? Evidence, okay.

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