13 States Without Pension or Social Security Taxes – # 5 WILL Shock You

States that don’t tax your pension or Social Security: Simply take all the states wiht no state income tax and then add Alabama, Illinois, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

Yes, you heard that right, Illinois is one of the few states that leave your pension AND Social Security alone!

Oh, don’t get me wrong, they make up for it in other ways but in terms of income from retirement accounts Illinois is going to be hard to beat.


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34 Responses

  1. In Real Tyme says:

    No State Income Tax: Fl Wy Washington Tennessee Texas Alaska Nevada Sth Dakota

  2. snort455 says:

    Skip to 2:00 and save 2:00

  3. Rich Sr. says:

    I think he is entertaining and very smart. Very helpful vids. You do you…great job

  4. Li says:

    New viewer here. Question, when a person move out of the state they work in, what are the ramification with tax filing? Pls speak to that, thank you.

  5. Papa59 says:

    Really should add that it’s just state income taxes. Everyone pays federal taxes on everything

  6. Susan Johnson says:

    Stay on point, please

  7. Richard Rockie says:

    Come on dude, do you just love to listen to yourself talk ?

  8. Richard Rockie says:

    Just get to the point of your title !

  9. E. Gedeon says:

    Very informative video thank you ☺️

  10. Mike Fink says:

    No one wants to live in these states…. It should be about quality of life not the cost…

  11. Sean Sollars says:

    ssi and ssdi are not taxed, but savings accounts can be

  12. Sean Sollars says:

    If a state taxes ssi or ssdi they are breaking the law

  13. Angel DeTierra says:

    ► Alabama,
    New Hampshire,
    South Dakota,

  14. J B says:

    Forgot Delaware

  15. JJY EMG says:

    You are correct! The Sweetness and Jim Brown are the best running backs of all time

  16. Richard Pieper says:

    Louisiana does not tax federal retirement.

  17. Call Sign KillerB2u says:

    Josh, everyone knows AD is the best RB ever….

  18. G. L. says:

    North Carolina taxes out of state pensions…..heavily. You have been told.

  19. bulcub says:

    what if I'm bringing this from cal to nevada? my ssecurity and other pensions?

  20. Stewart Foster says:

    As Monty python said…"GET ON WITH IT !!! "

  21. Brian Foster says:

    You are very difficult to listen to.

  22. tigeron21 says:

    Alabama does tax pensions. As a senior citizen, I do not pay property taxes.

  23. Alta Pedroza says:

    I'm out. You talk too much and don't get to the point.

  24. Ron Bumbera says:

    Florida has a sales tax. Although you are not taxed directly when you receive the money you are when you spend it. So to say that we are not taxed is disengenuous.

  25. George Cicairos says:

    Skip the B.S. Alaska.

    — Florida.

    — Illinois.

    — Mississippi.

    — Nevada.

    — New Hampshire.

    — Pennsylvania.

    — South Dakota.

    — Tennessee.

    — Texas.

    — Washington.

    — Wyoming.

  26. Robert Littlejohn says:

    Are pensions that are fully funded by the state subject to Federal Income Taxes?

  27. Christine Woodruff says:

    You just pay in other ways, ain't no free lunch anywhere in our country.

  28. Linda Correia says:

    Hawaii exempts Social Security and Public Pension Funds from Taxes!

  29. Matt B. says:

    AZ Governor Ducey a couple of years ago signed into law that AZNG Pensions will be exempt from AZ state taxes. I wonder how many other states share a similar trait.

  30. mike Capone says:

    What a wind bag!

  31. laura j phillips says:

    Why the heck don’t you get to the point?

  32. emerycreek says:

    Pretty sure Iowa doesn't either. These lists always vary.

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