11 Credit Bureau FCRA Violations will get Maximum Deletions! *4th of July Sale!*

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Leverage these 11 credit bureau FCRA violations to get super-fast, maximum deletions! 2 upcoming videos: creditor violations and debt collector violations. Also announcing 4th of July Sale – find it at to Save $400!

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20 Responses

  1. Chris Cates says:

    Can you help me with my credit and how much does it cost ?

  2. Abundance America - Health, Wealth & Wisdom says:

    Very helpful, can we please have a cheats sheet of violations? Thank you for your hard work!

  3. Camilee Pusey says:

    Thank you for all your information. I'm working on my credit myself and you definitely gave me alot of help understanding the violations and what to look for when disputing my charge off account. I really appreciate all the information. I'm looking to see if u have anymore videos on removals of bankruptcy. That's what I need to get removed off of 2 reporting agencies. My credit score started in the 400s now it's just hitting the 600s. Trying to aim for 780 and above. Thanks again for all your help.

  4. Expert Credit Sweeps says:

    View the most recent videos at https://www.youtube.com/expertcreditsweeps – I've shared over 350 of them with you! Get faster results, higher credit scores and an overall shorter dispute duration simply by following my formulas. If you need help with your dispute letters, you can also submit your letter for help with the new series at goesto.xyz/letter-help


    Great information.I really need it. I am looking for info about this and the best videos I watched came from this channel!…Continue your nice work.

  6. Mr. Crane says:

    Thank you sharing your knowledge Kristin. Very much helpful in understanding Bureau Violations.

  7. williamlattin says:

    I have had 2 things pop up with collection companies from 8-10 years ago. What can I do?

  8. ProudRikan says:

    Hello Kristin!
    Debt Validation Letter VS Debt Verification Letter: What’s the Difference?

  9. Michelle Bass says:

    Just booked an appointment with you.cant wait for you to tackle my situation!!!!

  10. O.J. Rushton says:

    Do you guys remove inquiries???? I need your help

  11. JIMMY JACKSON says:

    I have so many question I LIKE TO ASK YOU, before i sign up, wondering if i can talk to you or maybe thru email …..plz

  12. Jeb Myers says:

    So if they are not accurate must they delete them. It seems like Experian doesn't really do that and attorneys keep saying they don't do that kind of legal work. I want to sue Experian

  13. Tyrone byrd says:

    Hey kristen this is Tyrone I took advantage of your special today to see what you can do for me I am looking forward to seeing all of those deletions after you work your magic lol.

  14. Charles Williams Jr. says:


  15. bota20 says:

    Love the "Fire bomb" drop at the opening! *you dropping it on the 3 B's. Heads

  16. Cargo Movers says:

    I'm in love with your disposition. Your videos are conducted in a manner that your very relatable and the information you bless us with is easily digestible.

  17. The Hermit Investor says:

    I forgot all about violations this was very helpful I'm looking forward to this series. I do actually have a question tho, If I got one bureau to remove information off my report can I use it to remove that same item off the other two?

  18. Jenna Wilkerson says:

    Since we know they are using the Eoscar system and not verifying our disputes, what is the terminology we are to use to dispute this with the Credit Bureaus to get out items deleted? With my Experian the balance they say I owe & the Account History bslance is some Astronomically high number & i hv sent them.a marked up copy of the credit report requesting they delete it & They sent one back corrected. Then i sent another round of disputes & the account history is jacked up again! How do i get these few charge off collections deleted once & for all?

  19. bota20 says:

    !!!Expertcreditsweeps!!! Watch kristen, turn or help, your credit report, back to were you have a smile all the time…

  20. Daniel Land says:

    If a account is charge off should it report a balance

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