1000 Unsolved Missing Persons Cases #9

Hello Guys! Welcome and today’s video is about part 9 of series of 1000 famous unsolved missing persons cases.

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The vast majority of missing persons cases are resolved relatively quickly, within a year. Moreover, analyst say that the number of missing person cases has decreased over the past years as better communication has made it easier to keep in touch with and track persons. Though, more than 1000 of missing person cases remain open in the United States.

This series created to introduce you with some of the history’s most famous missing persons cases that remain unsolved. The lack of evidence in some of these missing persons cases not only hold back the inquiry, but also give the opportunity for speculation and conspiracy.
Here we believe that people are willing to help find justice for cold case victims and sometimes one little thing is all that’s needed to solve the case and give the victims and their families the justice they deserve.
So, watch till the end and you can share your thoughts in the comments.
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2 Responses

  1. Cort Richards says:

    Jeez…..the case about Monique Daniels was heartbreaking but also demented! It is hard to understand how people can be so hysterically religious that they use their religion as an excuse to do illegal or immoral things. But it happens over and over again in this country. For example, people use their usually christian religion as an excuse to not get vaccinated for diseases that could harm others ( and that is really just being selfish and thoughtless ), they will use their religion as an excuse to murder others sometimes, like in Monique's case above, and people especially use their religion as an excuse to hate others who may have a different skin colour, or to hate and abuse people who are gay, lesbian, transsexual etc. The last example is one I have actually lived through and survived. There are definitely some religious radicals and some who are just hysterical in their religious beliefs. In the above case of Monique Daniels, her parents decided that since Monique did not want to participate any longer in their church/religion and was turning out to be a thoughtful yet liberated young woman, they could just dispose of her and make her go away since she wasn't turning out how they wanted. So, using their christian religion as excuse, they murdered their own daughter. It is cases like this that make me very glad to be an Ex- christian and Agnostic. Seriously, what is wrong with Humans? Why do some of us turn out to have Sociopath/Psychopathic personalities? And it is not just a few here and there…..there are a whole LOT of them out in the world. It's scary and it can be somewhat disheartening. The whole deal with religious hysterical people will hopefully calm down and eventually stop all together, as younger folks have children and decide to NOT let them anywhere near a church or any religious institution. It is def my own opinion that the sooner we lose religion, the better. Monique Daniels could have lived a full, productive and satisfying life but instead, her own parents murdered her and then pretended that she never existed. Just sick and wrong. Rest in peace in the beautiful rainbow, Monique.

  2. Scott Veras says:

    Wow 1st viewer… kinda feel like I should make a speech. If only we could solve all these cases its mind blowing that people can literally vanish, epecially nowadays

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