1000 Unsolved Missing Persons #17

Hello Guys! Welcome and today’s video is about part 17 of series of 1000 famous unsolved missing persons cases.
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The vast majority of missing persons cases are resolved relatively quickly, within a year. Moreover, analyst say that the number of missing person cases has decreased over the past years as better communication has made it easier to keep in touch with and track persons. Though, more than 1000 of missing person cases remain open in the United States.
This series created to introduce you with some of the history’s most famous missing persons cases that remain unsolved. The lack of evidence in some of these missing persons cases not only hold back the inquiry, but also give the opportunity for speculation and conspiracy.
Here we believe that people are willing to help find justice for cold case victims and sometimes one little thing is all that’s needed to solve the case and give the victims and their families the justice they deserve.
So, watch till the end and you can share your thoughts in the comments.
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