10 Soft Pull Business Credit Cards (2021)

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In this video, I will go over 10 Soft pull business credit cards that you should apply for! Add me on IG:

If you want a business credit card, but don’t want to get your credit pulled, you’re in luck!

In today’s video, I will go over 10 business cards that will give you an offer with only a soft pull, and possibly no credit check at all. In fact, even if you don’t have a business and haven’t made money yet, it is still possible for you to get a business credit card.


⮕ Set Up Your LLC w/ Plug & Law 👉🏾

Cards mentioned:
⮕ Capital on Tap 👉🏾

⮕ Divvy 👉🏾
⮕ Ramp ($500 Bonus) 👉🏾
⮕ American Express 👉🏾
⮕ American Express 👉🏾
⮕ Torpago 👉🏾
⮕ Citizens Bank 👉🏾
⮕ Sam’s Club 👉🏾
⮕ Chase 👉🏾
⮕ Kleercard 👉🏾
⮕ FNBO 👉🏾

Repair Your Credit:
💳 – $50 OFF D.I.Y Credit Repair Masterclass 👉🏾
💳 – $25 OFF D.I.Y Hard Inquiry Removal Course (Use Code: 25OFF) 👉🏾
💳 – D.I.Y Credit Repair Letters 👉🏾

Credit Builders:
⮕ Extra Debit Card 👉🏾
⮕ Brigit 👉🏾
⮕ SeedFi 👉🏾
⮕ Self 👉🏾
⮕ Credit Strong 👉🏾
⮕ Kikoff 👉🏾

Business Credit Lines:
⮕ Brex 👉🏾
⮕ Nation Biz Capital 👉🏾
⮕ Credit Strong 👉🏾

Credit Monitoring
⮕ Credit Karma 👉🏾
⮕ MyScoreIQ 👉🏾
⮕ IdenityIQ 👉🏾

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how to dispute a hard inquiry on credit report

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29 Responses

  1. dancan5000 says:

    Naam. FNBO is NOT a soft pull!

  2. Rosenda Chatman says:

    O love your platform, but please slow down when exploring. Your explanation is us like a run on sentence.

  3. Dajore Marks says:

    So I have established business credit however I'm sole prop and experian business score is. Just needing to figure out what can I do

  4. Dajore Marks says:

    So I'm sole prop with bad Personal credit due to pandemic can I still get approved

  5. Dajore Marks says:

    I am sole prop with bad personal credit what route can I go

  6. nate The great says:

    Top notch video

  7. Reginald Williams says:

    Question: Is there a streamline website which I can place my information to one site; thus, through soft pull that the site will tell me which lender(s) that my business will be pre-approved for Business card or business line of credit (Not SmartBiz dealing with SBA loans)?

  8. Joseph Weaver says:

    How long does it take for Capital on Tap to report to Experian Business?

  9. FNBO says:

    Great video, Naam! Thanks for reviewing our business credit cards.

  10. Timothy Stafford says:

    I've been with American Express for 20 years and have 4 personal cards with high limits and a 750 fico. Spoke with them on the phone and they will not confirm a soft pull only. Was told there could be a hard pull. They make their decision on the application. I don't trust AE with "maybe we will" or "maybe we won't".

  11. J says:

    I have a personal credit card (gold) and applied for a business blue cash today and was denied. I’m a new LLC here in Texas. I don’t understand because I’m on very good terms with Amex. Can somebody recommend what I should do as a new business? I really really want the business blue cash

  12. Javier Torres says:

    Hello! I recently started my small company, at the moment I haven’t receive any payment. Am I able to apply for a business credit card without using my ssn?

  13. Robert Life says:

    Can I double dip with chase to get 2 or even 3 cards using that same soft pull rule? This will be awesome. Please let me know. If it was up to me – i will apply to all of them, lol.

  14. Robert Life says:

    I had no idea Chase will do a soft pull for repeat cards. Does that mean that i can only apply for the same card for soft pull or any one of their biz cards? Please let me know – Thank you so much for all this content!!!

  15. Pat Shozo says:

    Can't apply – asking for EIN tax ID
    What do sole proprietors do ?

  16. T Bee says:

    Whew! Great info but you talk so fast!

  17. Thomasdavy On telegram says:

    ☝️☝️I really ☝️appreciate him he is a genuine ☝️hw help me verify ☝️my claim and pending payment is ☝️resolved send a Dm and ☝️☝️thank me later

  18. Kelly recommend : Jamesmalthe on telegram says:

    Big thanks to you ⬆️⬆️⬆️ great vendor,thank you Kelly for the recommendation…he’s actually a legit vendor

  19. Money Talks says:

    Solid video brother
    Much appreciated – just got my Amex Blue Business Preferred a few weeks ago – building that business credit
    Business Gold in a few months

  20. MissionGold says:

    Hi Naam, quick question- what happens if you apply for a credit card while your Lexisnexis account is locked?

  21. Royal King says:

    Which one is best one in your opinion ? Just starting out with my credit I have a 655 credit which would be ideal

  22. Fishing eye man casanova says:

    I'm sure a very busy person can you give me advice I'm looking to get a card to get me back on track my score is 559 and have 4 collection I'm pay off but I want to get my credit going right again and not sure what card to get to help me

  23. Leen Sanchez says:

    Love the content! I have AMEX & Chase so far due to personal relationship probably. I' want to apply for Citizens but I've read lately they do a hard pull 🙁

  24. Hong Foote says:

    Great video

  25. Imperor1 says:

    Awesome content broa

  26. Bob says:

    Nice video!! Very engaging from beginning to end. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  27. Ariana Sherry says:

    Nice content

  28. Ariana Sherry says:


  29. Naam Wynn says:

    Which business credit card is was your favorite?

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