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  1. Ponleu Soreyaa says:

    ok, this is a bit off topic. so if an account is charged off, should we still pay the creditor?

  2. Stacey Hampilos says:

    How do you get a report like that

  3. Klue Money says:

    So if I have a charge off that has a closed status date of oct 2016 can they still be reporting charge off(CO) on my credit?

  4. Deonte Campbell says:

    How do I get this view? Did you manually put this together or is this a software

  5. Bosslady A says:

    At the end of your video you mention portfolio Recovery. Can you share your link we’re your talking about disputing portfolio Recovery! I would love that.

  6. Percy Starr says:

    What happens when it’s just on one report like Equifax.

  7. Dana Jones says:

    Hello what is the credit Software you use? I have dispute bee and its not this thorough.

  8. AsIs2884 says:

    Hi ECS, question… if the collection agency does not send back proof it is my account within 30 days what is my next step to get it removed? I sent the letter with tracking etc.

  9. Elsa Holm says:

    So after round 3, what are the next steps is the charge off hasn't been deleted? CFPB?

  10. Elliott Thomas Collection says:

    I need to pay you

  11. Elliott Thomas Collection says:

    Good info, I need to try

  12. Shelly Simmonds says:

    I’m having a hell of a hard time removing Capital one! They are still reporting well after it was C/O in 2018

  13. Lena J says:

    Hey what do you do for a chargeoff with Verizon. They have been reporting Chargeoff every month for like a year and a half.

  14. Jamaal Thomas says:

    Should I send a copy of the credit report showing the payment history along with the dispute letter ?

  15. mafriqaful says:

    How much do you a charge for your service?

  16. Kathy Houston says:

    Where do I find the information about dealing with Midland or Portfolio?

  17. Darrell Holland says:

    This is fantastic news about how credit work you are the best out there keep pushing out good information about credit have a awesome day.☺️

  18. Deborah Saddler says:

    Hey Kristen, I love the concept/strategy of factual disputing. Very accurate and straight to the point. Thanks.

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