$1.7B Student Loans Cancelled!

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Navient cancels $1.7B of Student Loan as part of their settlement related to a lawsuit. attorney generals from multiple states accuses Navient for being “abusive and deceptive” towards students. This cancelation is applied to nearly 66,000 students who had student loans with Navient between 2002- 2010

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10 Responses

  1. Darth Vader says:

    So, when should the rest of us expect to pay off your medical bills for you too?

  2. August Hermes says:

    I had my loans transferred from Sallie Mae to Navient. Hell, I doubt it helps me any as Navient just transferred my loans to another company. And now people are worried that forgiven loans will be taxed.

    College is such a scam.

  3. New Growth says:

    I’m one of the 66,000! Completely wiped out.

  4. Ang Par says:

    How can I tell if I am one of the borrowers that qualifies? I borrowed from Navient and finished college in 2008. Thanks

  5. Sae says:

    Fake news bro

  6. chessrey says:

    Damn! I am at the last year to pay off my loan. Should I stop paying now?

  7. Anthony Gerber says:

    Yeah, that's great until they do their taxes next year. I haven't practiced tax accounting in years but I'd be willing to bet if you have your loans forgiven, the amount forgiven can be treated as income and is therefore taxable. I hope I'm wrong….

  8. Pakorn Suvunnachuen says:

    have to be 66K eh~ Illuminati number!

  9. Mary ann E says:


  10. S Duncan says:

    That would be amazing

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