[01×01] p6 | yaz mckay | the chair (1080p + CC)

part 6 of yaz mckay scenes from the netflix show “the chair” (2021– )

season/series 1, episode 1: “brilliant mistake”

about the clip: yaz and elliot have some differences in opinion about how the class they share should be taught.

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yaz mckay scenes:
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about the show:
Professor Ji-Yoon Kim is the newly appointed chair of the English department at Pembroke University. The first woman chosen for the position, she attempts to ensure the tenure of a young black colleague, negotiate her relationship with her crush, friend, and well-known colleague Bill Dobson, and parent her strong-willed adopted daughter.
Official trailer:

about the episode:
At the English department meeting, Ji-Yoon tells her colleagues enrollment in their courses are down. The Dean tells Ji-Yoon she must remove three members from her department due to low enrollment. Ji-Yoon tells Yaz to combine her lecture section with Elliot’s, who is supposed to be chairing Yaz’s tenure case. In the combined class, Elliot treats Yaz like a teaching assistant rather than a co-professor. Bill becomes intoxicated and shows up late for his class and accidentally broadcasts an intimate video of him and his deceased wife to the students. The next day, Bill again arrives late to class, then uses the Nazi salute in teaching absurdism and fascism. Some students record this gesture on their phones. Ji-Yoon tells Joan she will file a Title IX report because her office was moved to the basement. Joan gets into a verbal argument with the Title IX investigator. At home, Ji-Yoon’s father tells her Ju Ju’s teacher wants her to go into therapy for a disturbing picture she drew of Ji-Yoon dying.

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