【 KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP】Ventus Ending | Road To Kingdom Hearts 3 *Proud Blind*

On the Road to Kingdom Hearts 3 by doing a BLIND play through of the entire KH series LIVE up until its Jan. 29th 2019 release!

Catch us LIVE with Birth By Sleep Sun – Thus @ 3:30pm PDT!

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Kingdom Hearts BBS is the 6th game in the Kingdom Hearts series. And We can’t say anymore because We are playing through BLIND!

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30 Responses

  1. Psychoman 13 says:

    2:05:02 According to the novel, Vanitas was literally faceless when he first came into being.

  2. fattymccatcat says:

    "mickey, always on time"

    Big oof

  3. Hopscotch says:

    Them shouting, "OHHHHH!!!!" excitedly preceded by, "BUT THAT MAKES NO SENSE?!?!" and then, "But wait [insert game fact] happened remember?? So like-"

    That's literally just how Kingdom Hearts works

  4. dodiswatchbobobo says:

    I had already gotten the crowd control cool factor moves by Neverland so I didn’t notice the difficulty spike. I was too busy enveloping them with the searing light of Faith, destroying them with a giant laser, and sending full sized tornadoes roaring through the battlefield.

  5. Kylander says:

    The whole "vanitas looks like dark sora" thing has always irritated me. Vanitas was removed from Ventus BEFORE his heart merged with sora's. He didn't merge with sora's heart until Xehanort brought him to the islands post vanitas removal. They even SHOW that in the beginning of Ventus' story, that when he merges with sora's heart it's because his heart is already fractured from losing the part of himself that is Vanitus. It's just nonsensical to have vanitus look like sora when vanitus doesn't HAVE a connection to sora due to the timeline of events.

  6. Aidin Softić says:

    The sequence from 2:01:57 to

    Is pretty dope

  7. MrAuthor3DS Switch says:

    2:05:00 It's more that Vanitas's appearance became influenced by Sora.

  8. Macarena Garcia says:


  9. Paulina the luna says:

    Aaw, it's been soon two years since I subscribed, 2:36:22 😮 and what an awesome decision it has been <3 Watching your KH playthrough finally fully 🙂

  10. BaconNuke says:

    I don't understand why they were surprised by Vanitas' face, like… I saw it coming a mile away because Roxas XD I was like "alright so his face is gonna be Sora or another Ventus look-alike" Now him being edgy Sora was kinda.. fresh but eh

  11. Gps1337 says:

    It's too bad you guys didn't experience a lot of the cool exclusive commands like faith and tornado for Ventus nor quake and meteor for Terra along with a lot of other cool ones like mega flare.

    I haven't finished watching the entire playthrough but I hope you guys managed to see some of those commands later on along with other stuff like Terra's final shotlock which is one of Lingering will's move (the one where he turns his keyblade into a giant freaking cannon)

  12. Mason Perry says:

    All I hear is Firelord Ozai

  13. Cheryl Smith says:

    Its dark sora lol

  14. duckielover151 says:

    I think my own Ven playthrough was super skewed by the fact that I accidentally melded Ars Arcanum really early into it. (Like, before the first Vanitas fight.) I definitely found myself relying on it quite a bit, and Ven's story felt… Shorter somehow? Maybe I just got through it faster.

  15. Kennyeh Ntoka says:

    I know I’m like months and hype behind, but I’m binge watching the KH series and it is great. Hopefully I can catch you guys on a stream at the start of a new game play 🙂

  16. Kevin Gil says:

    So Clay was right, Wolf in Latin is Lupus : Lycan comes from ancient Greek.

  17. EoD says:

    Not sure if it gets explained to you guys later or not but here's the deal with Ven and Vanitas.

    After Ven's heart was broken into two, Vanitas at first had no actual appearance. His face was a blank slate. Then Sora bound his Heart with Ven which revived him. Since he and Vanitas are technically the same person the link effect Vanitas too, causing him to gain Sora's physical appearance. Then years later when Sora became a Heartless, his Heart was absorbed by the Darkness, Kairi's was returned to her…and Ventus's hid inside of the newly born Roxas. As a result Roxas took on Ven's physical form.

  18. Super Cool says:

    2:06:17 Ventus: “At least I have some

    Vanitas: (silent) hello darkness my old friend

  19. Jaxv33r says:

    Late comment but that 60 fps Vanitas doesn't get hit thing is false, it happens in the PSP and PS3 version aswell its part of the game, fun fact:you can actually make Xehanort and Vanitas fight while playing as Terra before Solo Xehanort fight, happened to me once couldn't stop laughing, and another fun or sad fact: I didn't see Vanitas face resembled Sora until my 8th try fighting him again because I just wanted to hear his music.

  20. binkyboy448 says:

    I'm not gonna spoil why Vanitas's face looks like that, not until a certain point where it will be safe to talk about. I will say that on the one hand, it is the result of something that happens in this game, but on the other hand, it's never explicitly stated in the game itself that this event is the thing that caused it, and it can't be explained without spoiling other stuff in this game.

  21. 명월 says:

    And a intresting tip (or more irritation) to vanitas fight and character.
    If you concentrate you can clearly hear soras theme out of vanitas theme at some points and in my opinion thats so cool.

  22. Leinadkh says:

    Hey, I never understood why sora looked like ventus? Can somebody explain it to me? It is something that bothered me

  23. Soul Gear Universe says:

    Ahuyuck yur gettin' arrested! 😀


  24. Frederico Giusti says:

    I love how he kept healling when Vanitas was making a multiple hit attack.

    r u dumb or r u dumb

  25. KiyyuKit says:


  26. McreeO'Clock says:

    The luckiest last word i've ever seen

  27. Shej says:

    For everyone how dont now:
    Vanitas got Sora's future face when Ventus's heart and Sora's fused at the beginning of the game.

  28. cocopots says:

    Goddamn time zones.

  29. RandomGirl119 says:

    2:47:49 – Clay, you've given me a realization.
    You theorize that Sora is related to Xehanort, but… I think you're off by a little bit. If anyone of the current Destiny Islands residents is related to Xehanort, it's Riku. Think about it.
    – Silver-white hair
    – The Terra story cutscene where 4-year-old Riku morphed into teenage Xehanort and then morphed into teenage Riku. The game was visually comparing Riku to Xehanort! (Also, what's up with Terra acting like he saw that? Does he have some kind of psychic vision? He also acted like he saw that flicker of clips from the game's climax, toward the beginning of the game.)
    – Of the KH1 trio, Riku was the one who decided they should leave Destiny Islands. It was his idea. He merely got Sora and Kairi interested in it. Xehanort had an intense desire to find a way to leave Destiny Islands when he was younger. Riku had that same desire.
    – D a r k n e s s.

  30. reference to something says:

    I think a stream of Union X would be a lot of fun. You won't hit the meat of the plot, but it's nice to get a feel for the game before watching all the cutscenes. UX can be quite charming when you're not stuck in grinding hell

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